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Building Literacy in Every Library: How to Develop Fun Programs that Support Reading for School-Age Children

The School-Age Programs and Services Committee proudly presents our upcoming webinar series intended to give you information and creative methods to support the early readers in your lives! 

Webinars will include a presentation from knowledgeable speakers on reading, the philosophy behind the topic, and a review of resources and activities that incorporate those philosophies.

Our first webinar, “Comprehension Basics: Developing Critical Thinking to Discover Meaning,” is scheduled for  October 29 at 1 PM CST. Featuring Mollie Welsh Kruger, Fieldwork Advisor and Course Instructor at Bank Street College of Education in New York, and Shelley Diaz, Reviews Manager at School Library Journal. Participants will come away with a better understanding of strategies for developing critical thinking skills and how to share that information with the families they serve. 

On November 12 at 1 PM CST, we will host our second webinar, “Making Connections: How Does Background Knowledge Contribute to Comprehension?” Krista Aronson, Director and Founder of Diverse BookFinder and Associate Dean of Faculty and Professor of Psychology at Bates College, will address how children come to understand the link between their experiences and what they are reading.

Our final presentation will be November 19 at 3 PM CST, “Curious Readers: Celebrating the Joy of Reading,” featuring Jed Dearybury, educational leader and author of “The Playful Classroom.”  Mr. Dearybury will discuss how to create empowered and engaged readers along with offering some activities that can be adapted to school and public settings.

Be sure to register in advance so you don’t miss these amazing presenters! Remember that ALSC members have access to archived recordings if you can’t attend live sessions.

Sierra McKenzie is co-chair of the School-Age Programs and Services Committee and a Senior Library Service Assistant at Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library.

This post address the following ALSC core competencies: V. Professionalism and Professional Development, VI. Programming Skills

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