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Afternoon Amazingness at #ALSC20

Thanks to living in Virtual Conference Land, we got to kick off the afternoon with a refreshing lunch on the porch with cohort Pongo (pictured below). I got to listen to publishers give us the deets on some amazing upcoming #DiverseReads; so many fab books- my ordering list is ever-growing.

Rebecca and Pongo, a cat, on a lunch break

Then, I spent some time learning about immersive learning through virtual reality and augmented reality programs for children! Zach Stier (who has worked in libraries for ages!) explained how the learning experiences work, and demonstrated different devices to use- including info how to get stuff on a tight budget… because, REALITY reality. He has great ideas about programming, and also talked about how to tie those experiences back to non-tech activities and to books! And one fun plus to these programs- kids can often end up being the “teachers” for each other in the tasks.

Next: what in the world are Brazelton Touchpoints? That was definitely what I was wondering before this general session… Basically, it’s a professional development program for all library staff, and it focuses on “being there” for children and their caregivers. It’s all about understanding development (it’s messy!) and supporting both family and staff relationships. Carolyn Brooks from El Dorado County Library and Mindy May from Brazelton Touchpoints talked about what we expect of families and what families expect of us- and those don’t always match. We have to work to view things from other people’s perspectives. My cohort Pippin (pictured below) also really got into learning about the Touchpoints language to engage, inspire collaboration, and build communities.

Pippin (bunny) sits on a laptop watching a presentation.

We ended the day with a happy hour and review of the Virtual Edible Books Contest! Everyone is so insanely creative- I was laughing so hard at all of the entries. What an amazing day.

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