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Coping with COVID

Hello Blog Readers,

Gosh, since the last time I blogged in late February, the world has changed mightily.  I’ve so enjoyed reading the many blog posts explaining how librarians across the country are reaching out and connecting to their beloved customers.

I can’t compete with that, and right now, I won’t.  This blog post is going to be a more personal one, so I hope you will indulge me!  My cousin commented that she has found my social media posts to be “uplifting” during this time.  I am simply reposting items I have enjoyed.  I’m not creating anything special.  But I thought, if I brought her joy, perhaps I could bring some of that to you!

March 13th was the last day my library was open. The first week I was off, I noted the dire news out of Italy; all four of my grandparents were born there.  I myself was inspired by the music Italian citizens were making on their balconies.  I was dismayed I lived in a house without a porch because I wanted to copy them!

Marchini sings from his balcony overlooking Florence, Italy.

Best of all, professional singers were joining in on the fun, and I was introduced to Italian opera tenor Maurizio Marchini, who sings from his balcony, often with his young son playing with a toy standing next to him.  His voice is just amazing!  He posts to his Facebook page about once each week, but that won’t post here for those without an account.  I found this on YouTube.

Not all great music makers are professional, though.  This British family sings a parody of “One Day More” from Les Miserables, and it’s amazing!

“The Office” and “Paul Ryan” star John Krasinski has started Some Good News, a fun “news” show that will likely move you to tears, both from laughter and sentiment.

Finally, a little home state pride.  The great State of Ohio has been receiving almost daily updates at 2 p.m. from our State Government, namely Governor Mike DeWine and Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton.  This initially led to an early “Happy Hour” among at-home workers called “Wine with DeWine.” (Seriously Google it, non-Ohioans!).  Then, a local animator, Stofka Creative Ltd., decided the duo needed a theme song, and created one to the “Laverne and Shirley” music.

I hope you found yourself amused with some of the above, and that you are somehow finding a way to enjoy your time at home.  Please take care and stay healthy!


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