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Moving Ahead with ALSC: Update on Committee Realignment, Strategic Plan & Open Letter to Members

Happy March ALSC friends!  I just returned from the extraordinary Public Library Association conference in Nashville!  It was great to see so many ALSC members in attendance.  Explore the programs and materials.

ALSC Committee Realignment

I want to thank all of you who offered feedback about the proposed realignment changes to ALSC committees.  The Board used the comments submitted during and after Midwinter as well as those submitted during the February 18, 2020 Community Forum as the basis for approving the changes at their February 20, 2020 online meeting.

The Board appreciates the depth of discussion and support and understanding from members of why the changes needed to be made.  The realignment will be done in time for new committee members to begin their work after the Annual 2020 conference.  We couldn’t have done this work without you and we are more thankful than we can say for your commitment to and passion for those we serve.  During the Leadership & ALSC meeting and the Community Forum several questions came up that I would like to address here.

Q. Concern about virtual meetings: access to WiFi, internet connection, how to run virtual meetings.

A. Committee chairs and members will work with each other on what platforms work best for their particular committee and perhaps consider asynchronous as well as online virtual meetings in order to complete the work of the committee.  Each committee will decide what works best for them.  As far as virtual meeting resources go, there is a robust Best Practices for Virtual Committees section on the Resources for Committee Work page that will be added to in the future.

Q. What happens if I am on a committee that is merged or no longer exists?

A. Vice-President, President Elect Kirby McCurtis will be reaching out to all committee members who are in this situation and offer them committee appointments to another committee for the remainder of their term.

Q. I have a fear that although the commitment seems to be there for award committees to meet in person, that it will erode over time.

A. ALSC has made a commitment to in-person award committee participation and will work hard to ensure this continues.

Q. How will the changes affect the Youth Media Awards announcement?

A. ALA has committed to producing the YMA’s into the future.

Please reach out to me or another Board member if you have further questions about committee realignment.

Update on 2020-2023 Strategic Plan

The Board, during the online February 20, 2020 meeting, agreed to the changes that had been suggested during the Midwinter Board meeting and agreed to send the plan to the membership for input and suggestions for updated and/or new objectives for the three areas of strategic actions: 1.  Diversity & Inclusion 2. Advocacy 3. Learning & Development.  Please assist us by responding to the email that every member received on February 25 by midnight on Sunday, March 16, 2020.  Check your spam/junk email if you don’t see the message in your regular email.

ALA’s Financial Situation

I know that most of you are aware of the discussions that have been taking place over ALA’s finances.  The ALSC board has written an open letter to address this.  ALSC Board of Directors Responds to ALA Financial Situation.

Please send an email and let me know what’s on your mind!


This post addresses the following ALSC Core Competencies: I. Commitment to Client Group, V. Outreach and Advocacy VI. Administrative and Management Skills and VII. Professionalism and Professional Development.

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