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Books, Bright and Early at #PLA2020

In the early morning darkness I leapt out of bed, stumbling into my pre-arranged Lyft. It was 6:25 AM, and I was planning to attend the Children’s Author Breakfast. Admittedly, I thought about bailing and sleeping in, but I really love bacon and hoped (really hoped!) there might be some at breakfast. Oh, yeah, and some great authors would be there too.

Before you get too concerned, there was bacon. And fingerling potatoes, asparagus, quiche, croissants, and many breakfast beverages. Like a true bacon enthusiast, I didn’t ‘gram before I slammed. I was too busy plowing through all 3 slices.

The true highlight of the breakfast was, of course, the authors that joined us in those early morning hours. Minh Lê, Lisa Moore Ramée, Lin Oliver & Rebecca Stead each spent approximately 15 minutes talking about their forthcoming books, their process, and sharing a few laughs. Henry Winkler was originally on the panel, but Barry’s filming schedule changed. I guess we’ll have to forgive him. After all, who doesn’t love Barry?

Minh Lê talked about Lift, his forthcoming collaboration with Dan Santat. Iris always pushes the button at elevators until, one day, she doesn’t. Talk about an upset! When Iris discovers a magical elevator button, she “installs” it in her room and finds that it…actually works! Her elevator takes her on adventure after adventure, but she soon finds that adventures are most exciting when shared. Lift comes out on May 5, 2020.

Lisa Moore Ramée reflected on the thematic ties between her books, including her latest book Something to Say. Jenae doesn’t have any friends at school, and she likes it that way. But when a new boy starts at her school, he keeps showing up everywhere she goes! The two are paired up for a class debate about changing their school’s name and Jenae can’t think of anything worse than public speaking. Is she willing to risk a burgeoning friendship so she can stay quiet? Something to Say comes out on July 14, 2020.

Lin Oliver shared the writing process she shares with Henry Winkler while bringing us up to speed on Lights, Camera, Danger (Alien Superstar #2), the second in a new series from the pair. Buddy Burger, alien superstar, is flying high after nabbing a television role as an alien. But when Citizen Cruel is sent to retrieve Buddy and take him back to his home planet, will his celluloid dream turn into a nightmare? Lights, Camera, Danger comes out on September 29, 2020.

Rebecca Stead talked about her upcoming title The List of Things That Will Not Change, using her experience as a child of divorced parents to inform the story. Bea’s dad is planning to marry his boyfriend Jesse, and that means Bea will get something she’s always wanted: a sister! But will Jesse’s daughter Sonia be as excited about gaining a new sister? The List of Things That Will Not Change comes out on April 7, 2020.

Please note: the cover images were snagged from publisher websites or Amazon. They are not my own.

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