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Stomp Rockets: STEAM Done Cheap

I have recently learned the joys of stomp rockets, these super simple launching devices can lead to tons of scientific exploration and can be made for less than $2!

So far this summer we have used these for a day long rocket launching program and a demonstration at a county run summer camp. The kids have been totally captivated. So our plan is to make a couple to drop off at the summer camp locations so the kids can experiment in their free time. This lead me to wonder where else would it be possible to have these cheap tools available for bored and curious kids?

Since these have relatively low power they can be launched inside as long as the space has high ceilings so recreation centers, after school programs (cafeterias and gyms) and the like would be a perfect fit.

Materials for Launcher:

  • 2 pieces of 1/2 inch diameter PVC pipe, ours were each about 2 feet
  • 1 piece of elbow or L PVC
  • Tape
  • 2 litter bottle

Materials for Rocket:

  • Tape
  • Paper of any kind

Preparation for stomp rockets

Preparation for Stomp Rockets

Watch a video of one of my coworkers launching a rocket here.

A few more resources:

Paper Stomp Rockets by Indestructibles

This is more complicated than the one we built but gives you good ideas if you want to up your game!

DIY Space: Stomp Rockets

This is a super informative link from NASA of course.

Erin Lovelace is the Co-Chair of the Library Service to Underserved Children and Their Caregivers Committee and a Children’s Librarian in Henrico, Virginia. She loves cats, curiosity and pretending like she can grow plants.

This post addresses the following ALSC Core Competency: III. Programming Skills.

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