ALA Annual 2019

#alaac19 Sometimes you just get lucky

Got on the MARC train to head to DC yesterday morning and when the conductor came by he said someone had left a ticket on the train -unused-and he let me ride for free. Talk about lucky.

Went to lunch at Le Mirch and sat next to a woman named Patsy who talked about working with the state-owned publisher in China that publishes 50,000 books a year and wants to give Chinese children books that will make them more familiar with how children live in other countries. The conversation ran to how American and Chinese children are isolated in their own countries and their own cultures.Books can change that.  Talk about lucky to be a librarian to be part of that change.

Walked past The Willard Hotel yesterday and thought about all the change that has been born there. Talk about lucky.

Heard Alicia D. Williams talk about how every person has something they believe they need to change about themselves to be lovable. She writes for children so they can see that they are good enough just the way they are. Talk about lucky.

Saw Jerry Pinkney. Talk about lucky.

Good to see old friends. Talk about lucky.  Wish you were here.



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