ALA Annual 2019

#ALAac19 – So many things to do!

Washington, DC is the BEST and WORST place for a conference. The BEST because (for me), it’s a quick flight and there is so much to do – conference things, history things, museum things. I feel like you can spend 3 months in DC and not do everything. It is the WORST place for a conference, because all I want to do is the DC tourist stuff and not attend conference events! Good thing ALA makes it easy to choose.

I arrived yesterday and spent most of the day lost (because I am very directionally challenged…even with a GPS). When I was able to find my way, I attended one session, Jason Reynolds, and a social event. So, a productive day!

I attended Updating and Adapting Mother Goose on the Loose: A Hands-on Presentation with Betsy Diamant-Cohen. If you are in a public library setting, chances are you are very familiar with this story time method. I am a former school librarian, so it was somewhat new to me, however – I am also a mom, so I realized that my local public library does something very similar with their story time for the very little. Great session because we didn’t just sit in chairs and learn about the method. Diamant-Cohen performed a story time with us, as though we were children. Loved it! Great way to share.

After that – Jason Reynolds – in the overflow room. I really do not need to say more. He’s wonderful. If you have not had a chance to hear him speak, make it happen. Even if you end up in an overflow room.

Next up was a social event and then I was ready for bed! There is no tired like conference tired.

I am up and ready for a full Saturday. I’ll be working the ALSC Booth from 2 – 3pm today. Stop by and say HI!

Valerie Byrd Fort

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