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Making Changes…

It’s been two-and-a-half weeks since I started at a new library.

It was a lateral move to a branch in the same system.  Same job description.  It’s even the first branch I ever worked at when I was a 16-year-old page, with a lot of the same staff.  It’s like coming home.

sculpture of a person standing in the middle of four arrows going in different directions
So many choices…

But it’s still new.  And I’m grappling with how to simultaneously hit the ground running and make logical and not impulsive changes.  Changes that will actually improve the library for customers and staff, and not just “put my stamp on things.”

I’m still muddling through, but I thought mentioning a few things that seem to be working, and have worked for me before, would be worthwhile.

First, I recommend sitting back and watching for some time, and asking questions.  See how people approach the collection.  See how attendance is at programs.  See how fellow staff (or your staff members, if you are a supervisor) feel about things—are they happy?  Do they have suggestions for changes?  Talk to the pages—they often can tell you a lot about what is popular, what doesn’t move, what changes they would make in the collection.

Meet your Friends group. See what their interests are.

If something is minor but glaring to you, change it.  It was obvious that my new comic collection needed to be weeded.  That was a quick, easy fix that looked aesthetically pleasing almost immediately.

Tackle one thing at a time.  Ask for input.  And enjoy your new digs!

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