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Women’s History: A Universe of Stories

Women’s History: A Universe of Stories

I’m not going to state the obvious.  You know…It’s March…It’s Women’s History Month.  I refuse and I resist.  INSTEAD!  We’re looking forward to summer reading.  Any writer of summer reading guides will tell you, while pulling their hair, these themes can go all. year. round!  So why not adapt your WHM line-up and do some prep for summer at the same time?

Breaking news, folks!  29 years after Sally Ride broke the astronaut gender mold:

For the first time in history, an all-female crew will conduct a spacewalk at the International Space Station, NASA confirmed to CNN.

As part of Expedition 59, NASA astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch will carry out the spacewalk on March 29. They’ll be supported on the ground by Canadian Space Agency flight controller Kristen Facciol, who will be on the console at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.
So, we’re not just talkin’ Women’s History Month or Summer Reading – we’re talking about MAKING history!

NASA: Numberless African-American Stories Abound

NASA this month and throughout summer reading stands for Numberless African-American Stories Abound.  It is a clear choice for summer reading – but it’s also great for Black History Month, Women’s History Month and *gasP!* how about ALL THREE COMBINED?!  “Inconceivable!”, I hear you cry.  But think again!

Hidden Figures tells the previously and largely unknown story of the African American women who made the US’ journey to the moon possible.  It’s just PG, so you can show this to just about any audience.  For your little ones, read them the amazing picture book!


Please, please, please check out this book!

Source: Harper Collins Publishers, 2019
Check out NASA’s website for even more amazing stories about the women who serve their now, and serve our aims to touch the stars!

STE(A)M Ahead!

At the 1939 World’s Fair, a voice recording pelted the attendees with the words, “Come tour the future!…What will we see? What changes will transpire?”  I want you to imagine that maybe – just maybe – one of your after-school program attendees or summer reading participants will go on to inspire lasting change.  How do achieve this lofty goal?



STARnet was doing STEM before the term STEM was coined.  Science-Technology Activities and Resources for Libraries is what they are all about.  They have an easy-to-use template, and oodles of resources online to help you implement – wait for itGirls STEAM ahead with NASA!  And get this: if you get stuck, they WANT you to email them!  Interested in hosting an event or using Girls STEAM Ahead resources for Universe of Stories?  Please contact us at

You can sign up to get exhibits, download posters – *sheesh!* – they make this a little too easy!

Here’s just one example of what they have to offer called  Observing with NASA,

“Participants can experience controlling a robotic telescope and taking their very own, real space images!…They can also continue the fun by requesting images to process and print at home!”

The Universe is Expanding

The universe is expanding in terms of women being recognized for their contributions.  Here are a dozen more amazing videos for you to share with your patrons, young and old celebrating women who are making history:

Her Story: The Female Revolution—The Personal Story (Item #128866)
The Longest War: Women & Power series (Item #109744)
I Am Woman (Item #10162)
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (Female Beauty Ideals) (Item #47991)
What 80 Million Women Want (Item #50882)
A Woman’s World: Time to Remember (Item #57666)
American Women Work Dangerous Jobs During Wartime ca. 1940s (Item #38283)
The Story of Women and Art series (Item #86587)
Beyond the Blue: Life as a Female Police Officer (Item #8572)
The Trouble with Working Women: An Inquiry into Inequality Between the Sexes series (Item #41290)
Perfect 36: When Women Won the Vote (Item #154862)
Unsung Heroes: The Story of America’s Female Patriots series (Item #154871)



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    Fantastic! It’s taken a long time for these ladies to get the recognition they deserve for being such a big part of history. 🙂

  2. Jonathan Dolce

    Thanks, Elsie! Giving it all I can!

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