ALA Midwinter 2019

Planning for Day 2 at #alamw19

It’s Day 2 (for me) at ALA Midwinter! Yesterday was a LONG day – what did you miss? An inspiring talk by Melinda Gates (interviewed by Nancy Pearl – swoon!) and the Exhibit Hall Opening Reception. The Exhibit Hall is overwhelming the first time you walk in…at least for me. Last night I found my favorite publishers and was able to scoop up a few ARC copies of books I’ve read about recently. My number one piece of advice about this – unless you really have a good reason, do not scoop up tons of books to send back home or to load up in your luggage. I am pretty selective about what I take. Not to say you have to be, but I only take what I can actually fit in my bags to take home. You will see people with bags and bags of books. And, I’ve always wondered what they are going to do with those books. It’s a good workout, but not for me. Right now, I am up early to plan for the day – looking forward to another busy one!

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