ALA Midwinter 2019

#alamw19 ALSC Dinner with Friends

Yup, jet lag is definitely a thing, and it’s rearing its ugly head right now. Before I fall into bed, though, I just had to write a little about the ALSC Membership Dinner which I attended tonight. ALSC’s Membership Committee (particularly Jennifer Knight and Ashley Waring) deserve a big round of applause, since they worked very hard to organize this awesome event. Basically, we organized small dinners throughout town where new and seasoned ALSC members could spend quality time together before the conference kicked into high gear. Simple, but brilliant! We had a great turnout for dinners, and it was so nice to meet some new friends.

My group ate at Stateside, a fantastic Asian fusion restaurant not far from the conference center. Sooooo yummy! We shared a bunch of fascinating and delicious dishes (so exciting, because then we didn’t have to choose just one!), including everything from crispy duck rolls to cheesecake with lychee snow. Lychee snow? We didn’t know what it was, either! I don’t think I have this quite right, but it’s frozen lychee juice that’s aerated so that it’s fluffy and icy and delicious and most intriguing. This was a real learning experience on its own!

At my table, not only was I able to connect with new people, but I learned a lot, too. Here are some of the things that we discussed:

  • Best practices for reaching out to kids in schools. Lots of kids don’t have access to the library, so we have to bring the library to them. It’s so nice if you have children’s librarians who can make regular visits!
  • How can we make the most of Summer Reading visits? Is it better to talk about all the things that the library can offer, or should we focus on the Summer Reading Program itself? Assemblies vs. classroom visits?
  • Who is going to what tomorrow? Sounds like there’s a lot of interest in diversity, racial equity, and intellectual freedom. Also, Emilio Estevez’s movie!
  • Is lychee snow worth the effort? It’s delicious, and yet, so complicated!
dinner with friends at Stateside
Great night with new friends at Stateside!

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