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Children’s Librarians are Experts at Storytime Crafts

A silly penguin puppet, a colorful paper fish, a furry cotton ball fox! Storytime crafts encourage Play! Storytime crafts also encourage some of the early literacy skills. From library programs, visiting the early learning space or viewing our Raising a Reader early literacy website, library customers are encouraged to play everyday at the library, especially at storytime. 

Do you remember your first storytime craft?  I remember reading the book Verdi by Janell Cannon and creating a colorful paper plate snake.  I was surrounded by piles of paper plates, crayons and scissors.  I remember adding as many colors as possible and encouraging everyone to wiggle their snake.

When I worked at New York Public Library, my friend and co-worker Children’s Librarian, Rebecca Schosha always had creative crafts ready to go for her storytime. She still does!  I recently visited her at NYPL and fell in love with her sloth craft! We discussed favorites and I asked her a few questions about her storytimes.

Paige: Where do you find your storytime craft ideas?

photo by Rebecca

Rebecca: I find them all over.  Sometimes, they even come to me randomly.  The more practice I get, the more creative I get.  These days, I get most of my ideas from pinterest and instagram.  There are so many great people on instagram, and sometimes I will do a hashtag search (#frogcraft) to see what comes up!

Paige: I love that you use round stickers.  Clever!

Rebecca: Stickers are great, but I like using torn paper as well…

Paige: My top five craft supplies are paper plates, paper bags, tissue paper, pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks.  What about you? 

Rebecca: I use a lot of different stuff, but honestly, as long as I have construction paper, paper bags, googly eyes, glue, and crayons, I’m good to go.

Paige: Googly eyes are a favorite!  I love exploring new and favorite librarian blogs like Jbrary, Storytime Underground and Storytime Katie.  Do you have a favorite?

Rebecca: I love Jbrary and Storytime Katie!

My favorite craft people are:

Paige: Amazing resources! Thank you! Do you find the books / theme before the craft or a little of both?

Rebecca: During the school year, the alphabet and holidays tend to dictate the crafts. Sometimes, I will find an amazing book that determines the craft. Generally, if I find a great craft, I will save it on Pinterest until it fits into a book/theme.

Paige: Agree, the alphabet is a great way to encourage early literacy and it’s always fun to discover new crafts.  Thanks for sharing your creative ideas! 

Do you remember your first storytime craft?  Do you have a favorite storytime craft website? Please share in the comments below. 


This post addresses the following ALSC Core Competencies: III. Programming Skills.

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