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Songs for storytime and library programs

Are you creating fall and winter programs at the library? Are you ready to make snow flakes, dance at a pumpkin party or swim like a fish in the ocean?
I spoke with Sheila, Community Librarian at Deschutes Public Library.  She shared her favorite theme songs for library programs and storytimes.

Paige: What are your favorite children’s albums for programming?
Sheila: Jim Gill’s Irrational Anthem and More Salutes to Nonsense by Jim GillOnly One Ocean by Banana Slug String BandThe Best of the Laurie Berkner Band by Laurie Berkner Band and Season Sings! by Carole Stephens

Paige: Do you have a favorite musical instrument for storytime?
Sheila: Rhythm Sticks! I like to use the rhythm sticks because you can do so much with them.  Tapping out sounds and syllables.  You can tap on the ground or above your head to make different sounds. Try marching and tapping – you can create all kinds of good sounds.

Paige: How do you find new songs for stortyimes and library programs?
Sheila: I’m always listening to cd’s. new and old to create new themes for programs and storytimes.
Paige: It’s true.  I love seeing you with headphones on – singing fun songs!  Thank you for finding music for all of us to share at library programs! The Pumpkin Party is right around the corner.

Sheila’s favorite themes and songs below:

Ocean Songs:
Down by the Ocean by Pete Allard
Going Over the Sea by Peter Allard
The Goldfish by Laurie Berkner
Plankton Soup by Banana Slug String Band
Octopus by Charlotte Diamond
Only One Ocean by Banana Slug String Band
Blob Fish by Ladybug Music
Kingdom of the Crab by Banana Slug String Band – Only One Ocean
Ocean Flow by Banana Slug String Band – Only One Ocean
Charlie over the Ocean by Ladybug Music
Most Fish Swim by Johnette Downing
My Blue Sailboat by Laurie Berkner

Pumpkin Party Songs:
When it’s Autumn by Kathy Reid-Naiman
I Have a Jack O Lantern by Kathy Reid-Naiman
Halloween Counting by Kathy Reid-Naiman – When it’s Autumn
Five Little Pumpkins by Kathy Reid-Naiman – When it’s Autumn
Big Pumpkin by Mr. Billy – Big Pumpkin
Scarecrow A –Go –Go – Mr. Billy – Big Pumpkin
The Pumpkin Patch Polka by Lois Skiera-Zucek – Halloween Fun
I Am a Pumpkin by Josh Levine – Josh Levine for Kids
Libby Lou’s Pumpkin by Eric Ode – Grandpa’s Truck
Leaves Are Falling by Miss Carole – Season Sings
Pumpkin Pumpkin

Snow Party Songs:
Snow Around the Clock
Jingle Bells and Stop
I’m a Little Snowflake by Laurie Berkner
We’re Marching in the Snow by Miss Carole
It’s Snowing
Snow Falls
Snow Day
Snow Rhyme by Miss Carole
Snowman Trio by Miss Carole
Snowflakes Falling to the Ground by Susan Salidor

For more music ideas, explore Sheila’s music list on the ALSC Blog Music, Movement and Stories or email her at

Do you have a favorite musical instrument or song you use at story time? Please share in the comments below.


This post addresses the following ALSC Core Competency: III. Programming Skills.

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  1. Carol Simon Levin

    Paige, Thanks for sharing these! I too love to incorporate songs in many of my library programs and love giving children to participate using rhythm instruments (I dub it the “cacaphony chorus!”)
    You can find my favorite songs at my blog sorted by theme — here are a few that might be useful for fall & winter programs:
    Back to School:
    All About Me:
    Farm Frolics:
    Assorted holiday, spring and summer selections as well as storytimes incorporating these songs can be found at my blog:

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