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A look back at the last six months on the ALSC Blog (January – June 2018)

Twice a year, we try to make time on the ALSC Blog to take a look back at what has happened on these pages in the past six months.  Since January, we have been busy!

The number of posts continues to increase. Here’s an overview:

January 2018                          38 posts

February 2018                       51 posts

March 2018                            54 posts

April 2018                              33 posts

May 2018                               30 posts

June 2018                               70 posts

Total (January – June)        276 posts

Analytics can be a beautiful thing, especially when you want a clear, statistical look at what’s happening with something like a blog. Here’s a look at some of our Blog’s numbers for the first six months of 2018 compared to the same period of time in 2017:

  • The number of users has increased 17.05% and is now over well over 100,000
  • The number of new users has increased 19.10%
  • The number of sessions has increased 12.41%
  • The number of page views has increased 7.89%

Many readers were interested in the posts regarding the recent Board decision to change the name of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award to the Children’s Literature Legacy Award – more information here – but, as noted above, there were many additional posts in the first six months of 2018 which also served the stated mission of the ALSC Blog: to provide a venue for coverage of time sensitive news in children’s librarianship, current issues in the field, and programs, conferences, initiatives, resources, and activities of interest to ALSC members and those interested in children’s librarianship.

The other top posts published this year which generated the most readership in the first six months of 2018 include:

  1. A Librarian’s Open Letter to Jacqueline Laurita by Renee Grassi
  2. Librarian Hacks: Tips for rough days by Emily Bayci
  3. Painting Under the Table: Innovative K-5 Art Programs by the School-Age Programs and Services committee
  4. Talking with Young Children (0 – 5) About Race by the Early Childhood Programs and Services committee
  5. Children’s Notable Books – 2018 Discussion List
  6. Updating your Early Literacy Space — for all sizes and budgets! by the Early Childhood Programs and Services committee
  7. Join ALSC Leadership Discussions at Midwinter by Nina Lindsay
  8. #MeToo and Children’s Services by the Intellectual Freedom committee
  9. Growth Mindset by Kathia Ibacache
  10. Libraries Partner with Community Agencies to Help Fight Food Insecurity by ALSC Building Partnerships committee

In addition, with nearly 3500 pageviews, the 2018 Mock Elections Results page was very popular. And readers – particularly those #leftbehind – seemed to really enjoy the live blogging posts offered at the ALA Midwinter Meetings as well as the 2018 Annual Conference.

It’s been a busy six months. I look forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings for the ALSC Blog.

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