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Librarian Hacks: Tips for rough days

I love being a children’s librarian. But, who can honestly say it’s all peaches and roses 24 hours a day? Everyone is going to have a case of the Monday’s sometimes. Especially when Winter seems to be dragging on for a million months and the to-do list is never-ending and there are 8642 programs in a week but you already have to plan for six months in ahead… Here are some of my favorite “hacks” that make these tough days a little easier and some tips for getting thru them.

Emergency storytime kit. -Books, a funky hat or puppet something you can grab in the “IforgotIwasdoingstorytimeandthere’s60toddlersrunningaroundscreaming” moments. Have some books ready that you are comfortable with. My fall backs are Where is the Green Sheep by Mem Fox and Say Hello Like This by Mary Murphy.

Songs to fall back on. When the wiggles just don’t seem to be coming out and there’s still a good chunk of program left- it’s good to have a plan B. I like doing the hokey pokey as a group, or busting out “If you’re happy when you know it.”

Familiarize yourself with the copyright pages of books. Along with the back cover and front panel- copyright pages can give you a lot of valuable information on a first glance that can save time in the long run.

Know what an ISBN code actually is. It’s more than just a number you scan! Crazy, I know!

Taken from here is info on what an ISBN means!

The five parts of an ISBN are as follows:

  1. The current ISBN-13 will be prefixed by “978”
  2. Group or country identifier which identifies a national or geographic grouping of publishers;
  3. Publisher identifier which identifies a particular publisher within a group;
  4. Title identifier which identifies a particular title or edition of a title;
  5. Check digit is the single digit at the end of the ISBN which validates the ISBN.


Storytime Underground’s Facebook group. The online network of librarians is amazing when you need some quick advice or are confused about something. The Facebook group has been around for a while so if you search for a topic, you might not even have to post anything!

Take laps of your stacks. Familiarize yourself with colors, series, shapes. This will help  you with readers advisory and familiarity when your body can do something from auto pilot and your brain just cannot work anymore.

These are some my quick hacks that help me become a better librarian. I know others have some more amazing hacks, cheats and tricks out there- please share your genius in the comments!


  1. Tim Wiles

    Hi Emily!

    1. emily bayci

      Hi Tim! Nice to hear from you! Hope al’ls going well in NY!

  2. Kelly

    Chocolate! You forgot the chocolate. That’s what we fell back on after a particularly draining day today. It works best when shared.

  3. Deanna Lyles

    Love all of these! I definitely needed reminding as the days just seem to get crazier and crazier. Thanks again!

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