ALA Annual 2018

Libraries Support Immigrant Families: News from #alaac18

On June 19, a “Resolution on Cessation of Family Separations for Refugees Arriving at the United States Borders” was shared on the REFORMA listserv with a call to “distribute far and wide to your divisions, round table, and other library boards” and to “get endorsements for the resolution.” The ALSC Board then reviewed and discussed the resolution on ALA Connect in the days leading up to the ALA Annual Conference. The resolution was entered into the consent agenda for ALSC Board I at ALA Annual, which took place today, Saturday, June 23. At that meeting, the ALSC Board endorsed the resolution, which has been amended and renamed “Resolution to Reunite Detained Migrant Children with their Parents.” The resolution is currently planned to go before Council, sponsored by the Committee on Library Advocacy, on Tuesday at ALA Annual in New Orleans. Because this is an evolving news item, the specifics of the resolution and situation may continue to change, so follow ALA Council and news from conference for new developments.

Why does this issue matter to ALSC? ALSC is committed to engaging communities to build healthy, successful futures for all children. The separation of children from their caregivers is an abhorrent policy, as is incarcerating families together. Supporting families is central to ALSC’s core values which include inclusiveness, integrity and respect for children and their families.

To learn more about this resolution and issue as well as ALSC and ALA resources for supporting immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, check out these resources (and add your own suggestions in the comments):


This post addresses the following ALSC Core Competencies: I. Commitment to Client Group and V. Outreach and Advocacy.

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