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The Results Are In! Summary of the Fall ECPS Committee Survey

Remember waaay back in September when we asked you to take this short survey for us? Well about 680 of you did! (Thank you.) We think your answers are pretty interesting, we’d like to share a brief overview of the results with you.

One of the main questions we asked, was “What areas of Early Childhood are you most interested in learning about?” The top choices included: Early Childhood Programs and Tips (71%), Partnering with Community Groups and Early Childhood Programs (60%), and Childhood Development (50%).

We also inquired about how you learn best and what formats work well for you. You overwhelmingly responded that webinars are helpful and convenient, as 83% of respondents voted for this format. Many of you also still appreciate the benefits of in person training, which came in second place with 63% of the vote.

Finally, we asked for more specific feedback on topics. We gave you 14 choices to rank from most interesting to least interesting, plus the chance to write in your own topics. This section was by far the most detailed and complex section of the survey. You have so many great suggestions! Some of the top choices included: Programming Beyond Storytime; Diversity, Race, and Inclusion with Young Children; Supporting Parents of Young Children; Child Development; and Behavior Management During Programing.

As promised, the Early Childhood Programs and Services Committee is basing our next project on your feedback. Coming in Fall 2018, we will be offering a 4 part webinar series “Early Childhood Expertise Beyond Libraryland.” The series will feature content presented by experts in the fields of Early Childhood Education and Development to give you perspectives from outside our profession. Then, a librarian presenter will help create connections from theory to practice. A brief Q & A session with the experts will follow. The topics we’ve selected include: Early Childhood Development, Spaces & Behavior Management, Diversity & Inclusion, and Early Childhood Trends. We hope you are excited about these topics and will register for our free webinar series in the Fall.

For more detailed information about the survey, you can email Stephanie Prato, or look for a more detailed article, forthcoming in the Fall 2018 edition of Children and Libraries.


Stephanie C. Prato is the Head of Children’s Services at the Simsbury Public Library, CT. With experience in youth services, community outreach, leadership, instruction, and technology, she has developed innovative programs and services for all ages. She is an active member of the American Library Association and serves as the Co-Chair of the Early Childhood Programs and Services Committee of ALSC. If you have any questions, email her at



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