ALA Midwinter 2018

Youth Media Awards #alamw18

There are not many reasons to get up at 7 am on a Conference day when your first meeting isn’t until 10 am, but then, not every morning is the Youth Media Awards!

For those of you not there… allow me to paint a picture. Denver is cold– and the streets remain a bit icy, but yet hoards of library people are up and about– you wouldn’t need to consult your Scheduler, just follow the herd of people to a packed room.

The room was abuzz with people chatting about their favorite books of the year and the excitement over what books might win!

I had to search for my friend and my saved seat, but it was nearly impossible with all of the excited people.

Once I found her, we started discussing predictions and just general excitement over what was to come! Every year I read the results as they are posted, or see peoples exclamation over Twitter– but it is much different in person!

As they announced each award and both the honors and winner– the room would explode with cheers, applause, and even stamping feet as they awaited the news!

Afterwards, I met up with a group of librarians to discuss our thoughts- it was a great way to sum up my earlier training at the Bill Morris Seminar- and just connect and network with others!

Have you heard the results? What are YOUR thoughts?


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