ALA Midwinter 2018

Finishing #alamw2018 strong with Bill Nye in real life! And Greg Mone too!

Science nerds and librarians were thrilled with a geeky and fun end to ALA Midwinter 2018 with Bill Nye (the science guy) and Greg Mone.

Nye and Mone have a new middle-grade series out- Jack and the Geniuses, where kids go on scientific adventures around the world. The duo talked about their new series and interviewed one another.

Here is some fun information I learned from the closing keynote:

  • Bill Nye’s mom was a World War II Code Breaker! (Totally where he got his smarts)
  • One of Jupiter’s moons- Europa is a fascinating area where there may (or may not) have been life. Side note (If Bill Nye could fund any expedition anywhere, it would be to Europa).
  • One of Greg Mone’s and Bill Nye’s first interactions was surfing, where Bill kept talking about the science of waves etc. etc.
  • People can eat three burritos for lunch on Antartica and then still be hungry because it’s so cold they keep burning fat! (And then I just wanted a burrito very badly).

And my ending quote from Bill Nye and Greg Mone at ALA Midwinter is:

-You need to find money for space and libraries!

I’ll leave you with that.



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