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Who Will Be the Next Distinguished Service Award Winner?

Bill Morris. Henrietta Smith. Mimi Kayden. Susan Roman. Kathleen T. Horning. Ellen Fader. What do these names have in common? Two were publishers; the others, librarians of all stripes: a Dean and association leader, a professor, a director of a special collection, and a public librarian. They, along with more than 20 other colleagues since 1992, are ALSC Distinguished Service Award winners!

Spencer G. Shaw. Caroline Ward. Virginia Walter. Linda Perkins. Julie Cummins. The list of exemplars and legendary names in ALSC history goes on.

It’s time again to think about our ALSC leaders and exemplars, and consider nominating one of them for the 2018 ALSC Distinguished Service Award. Any member of ALSC/ALA can nominate any other ALSC/ALA member; full details and the nomination form may be found here:

Augusta Baker. Peggy Sullivan. Jane Botham. Dudley Carlson. Pat Scales. The roster of names reads like a history of the division, and the profession of children’s library service.

The criteria are simple and elegant: “The nominee should be an individual who has made significant contributions to, and an impact on, library services to children and to the Association for Library Service to Children.”

Carolyn Field. Virginia Mathews. Zena Sutherland. Lillian Gerhardt. Maggie Bush. Many DSA winners have served as ALSC President, but that’s not a requirement.

Ginny Moore Kruse. Margaret Kimmel. Marilyn Miller. Phyllis Van Orden. Cindy Richey. All DSA winners have dedicated their careers and their volunteer time, effort, and leadership to bettering children’s lives through libraries.

Some of the earlier winners’ protégé’s have now won it themselves. Who will be named next as the most distinguished of us all, based on a record of service and impact? Think about those who inspire you, and who are not yet represented here, and consider making a nomination before the December 1 deadline.

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  1. Christopher Brown

    This is an impressive list! Carolyn Field is still highly spoken of at the Free Library and in Pennsylvania.

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