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Archived Webinar: Get Involved with ALSC!

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On Wednesday, November 8, Vice-President/President-Elect, Jamie Campbell Naidoo, led us through “Get Involved with ALSC: Navigating Opportunities within the Organization.” This fun, free, and informative webinar helped members and prospective members learn different ways to get involved with our organization…and as a 6-month-old employee, it also helped me!

Communication within ALSC. Get in on this “ALSC goodness!”

There are many different outlets for communication within ALSC. One of my favorites has been ALSC-L, our listserv. As Jamie mentioned, you do NOT need to be a member of ALSC to join ALSC-L. This listserv is an outlet where individuals with questions or recommendations related to library service to children can communicate. The amount of knowledge sharing that happens on this listserv has been super helpful for me as a person learning more about librarianship. It fascinates me when a subscriber posts that they are looking for a book in which they cannot remember the name, and with just a brief description, fellow subscribers are able to offer titles. There are so many questions and resources shared on the listserv everyday and it’s been fun to see how subscribers connect through it. The resources are endless in this ALSC listserv world. Be a part of it.

All committees are important!

Jamie explained that although our Awards committees are important and very popular, our process committees are just as important because they allow for you to learn more about our organization. I am staff liaison to the Membership Committee, Managing Children’s Services Committee, and the Children & Technology Committee – all are doing important work. For example, our Children & Technology committee just did a great collaborative job with updating the resources on our Digital Media Resources page!

WHO: Both President and Vice-President make appointments. At this time, Jamie has taken over the committee appointment process.

WHEN: Spring – Process Committees (i.e. non-award committees) Fall — Award Committees. There are on-going replacements that may happen at any point throughout the year, so please fill out your form with all of the committees you’re interested in. There could always be a need!

HOW: Our new and improved volunteer page just went live! If you’re interested in volunteering, please login and fill out this form.

If you’re interested in learning more about the committee process I encourage you to watch this free archived webinar because Jamie talks us through the process more in depth and addresses more questions! You can also read more about the process on our website.

Watch this archive

Did you have questions about writing for ALSC? Publishing with ALSC? Leadership opportunities? Local opportunities to take advantage of? Types of Committees? Please watch this archived webinar! There’s a fun Q&A portion during the last ten minutes.

Be sure to also share it with a friend or colleague who is interested in joining ALSC!

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