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Why you should nominate someone for the Distinguished Service Award

Every year since 1992, ALSC has awarded the distinguished service award to someone who has made a lasting contribution or impact on library services for children or ALSC.   Any member of ALSC (and ALA) can nominate someone who is also a member of ALSC (and ALA) (this, hopefully, means you).  Below are a few reasons why you should think about it, along with a picture of my cute cat (because who doesn’t need another cute cat picture?).

Top Ten Reasons to Nominate Someone for the Distinguished Service Award Today:

10. There are only approximately 62 days before the December 1 deadline to nominate someone inspiring for ALSC’s Distinguished Service Award.

9. It’s easy to fill out a quick application:

8. This is a good opportunity to talk to other friends and colleagues (who doesn’t like that?). Tell them who you’re thinking of nominating and convince them to fill out an application as well.  They can fill out the application here:

7. Nominating someone for the award is good karma.

6. You are surrounded by thoughtful, inspiring professionals who rarely get awards. The DSA is a way to see their work recognized.

5. In these often turbulent times, it is often difficult to feel like you can easily contribute and make a difference.Nominating someone for DSA is good practice for making your voice heard (and it will be heard!) for the road ahead.

4. If your nominee wins, you get to hear them give what is typically an inspirational speech at annual about their career. It’s been one of my favorite parts of ALA Annual! Videos and transcripts of some of the speeches are on the ALSC website

3. Recipients of the award receive a cash award of $2,000 and an engraved pin.This is just plain old cool.

2. Did I mention the whole –only 3 months until December 1 thing? Nominate someone TODAY.

Cat sitting on a rock chair
(Pcture of a cat, maybe not actually my cat…he is cute, but, not particularly good at holding still).

1.  Finally, it’s the right thing to do. All the cool cats are doing it.


Today’s blog post was written by Jennifer Knight, a youth services librarian and member of the Distinguished Service Award committee.

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