ALA Annual 2017

Membership Meeting and Leadership & ALSC at Annual

I’ve been employed with ALSC for just one month and Annual came so fast! Before I could even blink, hotel confirmations were in, material was printed, and trunks were packed. Prior to my employment with ALSC, I knew about ALA as an organization, but I truthfully did not have much knowledge regarding Annual Conference. It’s mind blowing the amount of work that gets put into this; from staff, to members, to volunteers. 

A large portion of my professional background comes from the YMCA. I worked for both the YMCA of Greater New York and the YMCA of Metro Chicago. A common thread that I find between both YMCA associations and ALSC is this aspect of inclusivity. Both the YMCA and ALSC (also ALA as a whole) put diversity and advocacy as organizational objectives.
I’m very excited that during two key ALSC meetings we will be discussing these topics. During the Membership Meeting we will be discussing some of ALSC’s accomplishments while engaging in discussion surrounding advocacy resources, while Leadership and ALSC will dive into inclusion, advocacy and learning and development, all major topics that lead to major transformations. 
I hope you will join us for both of these meetings! I’m looking forward to learning more about what we’re doing for our communities to help the youth we serve. 

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