ALA Annual 2017

As a First Time Attendee…so far so good. #alaac17

ALSC Membership Table

As a first time attendee of an ALA Annual Conference, I just have to say, WOW!

Being a new staff member of ALSC, I’ve been doing a lot of prep for some of our meetings. With the help of staff, board members, and committee members, I have been learning so much, but now it’s all coming together because I’m getting to visualize it. exhibit set up

I think one of the parts that blew me away was the exhibit set-up. I had to set up the ALSC table, and I got the opportunity to walk around and see the work everyone else was doing to their spaces. Watching the transformation was amazing! My eyes went everywhere! The couches, the TV screens, the rows and rows of books. The amount of passion and work that has gone into this is overwhelming to feel. Workers were literally working in mid-air off elevated platforms drilling and putting exhibits together. It was incredible and it got me so excited and grateful to be a part of this.

I am absolutely loving the energy so far and I hope to meet a bunch of people over the next few days!

Please visit ALSC at Booth #2731 and follow us on Twitter to see Annual through the eyes of ALSC (and through the eyes of a first time staff person/attendee)

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