ALA Annual 2017

Alaac2017 Hillary: Beyond your Politics

Hillary Clinton closed the 2017 ALA Chicago Conference. Regardless of political affiliations and personal opinions on controversial issues, the audience listened to a tremendously well spoken orator. She knows exactly how to deliver a speech without reading a script and enunciates every word with the right amount of volume and oral determination.

Mrs. Clinton invited us to foster critical thinking, promote rational evidence, and be guardians of the First Amendment. Furthermore, she prompted us to stand against censorship adding that we should read  books that challenge us.

She praised librarianship as the life savers of communities especially the rural and underserved ones and she called to us to defend the truth and reason based on evidence. In her words “one book at a time, one library at a time.”

Her speech reached the climax as she reminded us that books free societies and librarians make a difference beyond political parties. Among her last words: “don’t give up…stand up for millions of others.”

Kathia Ibacache is a Youth Services Librarian at Simi Valley Public Library.


  1. Judy Lasco

    Thanks for the summary!
    I was unable to stay to hear her speak and wondered what she spoke about.

    1. Kathia Ibacache

      Hello Judy,

      You are most welcome. Her speech was really moving. She is a great speaker. I only wished she was available for photos and some interaction.

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