ALA Annual 2017

Finding exciting new technology for youth at #alaac2017

While touring the exhibit hall at ALA Annual 2017, I tried my best to focus on the latest and new and engaging technology. Our young customers are obsessed with any type of robotics and are constantly willing to learn more. Here are a few resources and items that I’m excited about.

Breakout EDU

This takes the popular escape room trend and evolves the concept into a kid and education friendly experience with locks and challenges for children to solve problems. We had purchased a BreakOut EDU box, but I had not explored the computer side to an escape room- finding clues and answers on the Internet. This is an excellent way to incorporate technology into an exciting game. Some of my coworkers and I even attempted a sample and we made it out!

Kano Computer Kit

This reminded me of of a Raspberry Pi, where one can make a computer, learn to code and do unique projects with their own device. I have been on the hunt for a type of mini computer that the kids can build at a reasonable price. Did anyone else see something fun in this category?

Stick Together

There is a new collaborative activity where people can create a collaborative mosaic where they place stickers on certain colors. As I’m always looking for collaborative and interactive projects, this seemed amazing. I kind of want to put one in my own apartment.

Modi Just Connect

MODI is a modular system for robotic creations where individuals can creae their own devices using magnetic modules. It is a device that looks like it has a lot of possibility for individuals to start small and play around and create more intensive robots.

Healthy Children

The website (specifically the family life- media section) is a resource from The American Academy of Pediatrics. It’s an amazing website backed by 66​,000 pediatricians with general child health information and guidance on specific parenting issues. Something I just learned about on the media section was the guide for how to make a Family Media Use Plan.

This is only a few of some great resources and technology out there. What other awesome devices or resources did you find that to use in the library? Please leave them in the comments!


  1. Kathia Ibacache

    Hi Emily,
    Thanks for sharing these tech resources.

  2. KathyK

    Thank you!

  3. Alec Chunn

    That Breakout EDU kit is amazing! Highly recommended.

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