ALA Annual 2017

What does ALA mean to you? #alaac17

As I woke up at 7:20 am on a Saturday, and walked to my 8 am meeting… I thought a lot of things… why did I go to sleep so late last night? Why do librarians wake up so early? Is there such a thing as a night time librarian? Etc.

ALA Council Orientation

At 8 am, I sat in the large ballroom (where Hillary Clinton will be speaking on Tuesday) and took part in my first orientation to my newly elected ALA Councilor at Large position. I love ALA, and have been so ready to learn the inner workings of this wonderful organization and how I could serve the ALA community. Right now, it sounds like an alarming amount of procedures to learn and specifics of how to approach the Council and how to vote on the governing guidelines of ALA… and it’s overwhelming. But, one of the speakers posed a question to the group- What is ALA to me?

That question got me thinking… in many ways, ALA is home to me. It’s a place I can belong. It’s a community of passionate people (like me) who want to serve our community to our best ability. It is a channel of life long learning, and learning to do better.

And, then it is worth the 8 am meeting… to be connected with people who despite being different in years of experience, concentrations, ages, gender, ethnicity, race, etc.– are people who are committed to serve, and to try to make things better for everyone.

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