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Nominations Open: the ALSC Board of Directors

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I am working through your ALSC Committee Volunteer Forms to make appointments for the process committees, and have been so grateful to all of you who’ve volunteered your time.  But being appointed to a committee is not the only way to step into a leadership role in ALSC.

Consider serving on the ALSC Board of Directors

Serving on the ALSC Board gave me a thorough appreciation for how our organization ticks, and an understanding of how a member-driven organization can create actual change. Through my service I acquired knowledge and skills in budgeting, governance, and communication that built my leadership capacity in my own work and life.

Your ALSC Board of Directors steers our organization.   From its decision to cancel the 2016 National Institute (an action recently honored by GLBTRT), to the new strategic plan to be announced shortly, with strategies for Diversity & Inclusion, Advocacy, and Learning & Development, the Board employs our core values of inclusiveness, innovation, integrity and collaboration, to make knowledge-based decisions in support of our mission.   Who do you want at this table?

Nominations are open for the 2018 Election

Next week ALSC 2017 elections open for Vice-President/President Elect and Board of Directors positions to be seated following Annual, as well as for award committee positions for the 2019 committees.  But as we speak, the Nominating Committee is awaiting your nomination or self-nomination for candidates for the 2018 election.

Do you work with a colleague whose whose knowledge, skills and experience you admire? Have you served on a committee with an ALSC member who embodies our values of leadership, collaboration, and inclusiveness, and who brings diverse experiences and perspectives to the table?

Are you this person? Don’t be shy.  Please put your own name forward as a possible candidate for the 2018 slate. The deadline is Friday, March 31, 2017

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