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ALSC Member of the Month – Emily Bayci

Each month, an ALSC member is profiled and we learn a little about their professional life and a bit about their not-so-serious side. Using just a few questions, we try to keep the profiles fun while highlighting the variety of members in our organization. So, without further ado, welcome to our ALSC profile, ten questions with ALSC member, Emily Bayci.

Photo Courtesy of Emily Bayci

1. What do you do, and how long have you been doing it?

I am a children’s librarian at the Naperville Public Library and I’ve been there for six months. Before this, I was a children’s librarian in Cincinnati. I work with children ages 0-12 and their caregivers and put on programming, work on collection, wear many funky hats, and more. I like to say that I get paid to sing, dance and do magic tricks “professionally.”

2. Why did you join ALSC? Do you belong to any other ALA divisions or roundtables?

I joined ALSC so that I could connect with other librarians and take advantage of all the other awesome resources like classes, the blog and the mentorship program. I’m trying to get more involved, so let me know any ideas!

3. What’s your favorite riddle or joke?

Why didn’t the nose get on the soccer team?

Because he didn’t get picked— hahahahaha.

4. How do you get news of the world? Word of mouth? Print? Online?     

Twitter. So much twitter. You can learn so much in 140 characters or less. #tweetme #librarylife Find me @EmilyBayci

5. Do you have any childhood memories of books, reading or libraries?

I remember reading Harry Potter when I was a kid. I dressed up as Harry for Halloween in 1997 and no one knew who I was. It was the most popular Halloween costume in 1998. I loved going to all the midnight parties and participating in the fandom. One of the best moments in my career was working our Harry Potter party this year. I got to dress up as Moaning Myrtle and do fun programs with kids who were just getting introduced to the Wizarding World!

6. What are you reading right now?

 I have way too many books going on at once, as usual. My break book is Caddie Woodlawn, one of our Battle of the Books titles this year. My bedside book is The King of Kazoo (I’m trying to like graphic novels). My fun book is an ARC of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Squirrel Meets World and my grown-up book is The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis.

7. What type of professional training or conferences do you find most useful and/or fun?

I really like professional training that isn’t necessarily library based. I feel like you learn more about the community as a whole and more unique ways of serving people. I went to a storytelling conference, a “learning through play conference” and a young professionals conference. They were all really rewarding and of course fun.

8. Is your desk at work as clean as a pin or as messy as a pigsty?

Messy as a pigsty. Sitting on my desk right now is an unicorn horn, a banana hat, about six stacks of books, two bottles of glitter, a large container of cashews and probably a ton of other things I don’t even know are there.

9. What was your favorite book to read growing up?

Other than Harry Potter, I really loved the Alice series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. I found that I could really identify with her quirky personality and her books really helped me while growing up. When I’m having a tough time, I’ll read Now I’ll Tell You Everything.

10. If you could make a dream library, what would be in it?

It would probably be very close to Mr. Lemoncello’s library. I would definitely have hover ladders, a singing story corner, and virtually reality games. It would also be pretty cool to have a teleportation area, where you could go inside books and meet all the characters. One day, right?


Thanks, Emily! What a fun continuation to our monthly profile feature!

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