ALA Annual 2016

Viewing Storytime through an Improv Lens @ #ALAAC16

Amy Steinbrauer’s “Storytime Live: Improv Techniques that Work” session was a delight to attend, because Amy is a delight herself. I’ve never thought about how storytime is really a platform for improv, but she’s completely right. Amy taught us some great games that make use of patterns (STEM concept, y’all), gross motor movements and silliness.

Have your kids stand in a circle and say “zip, zap, zop” to each other with an accompanying hand pointing. Then repeat, keeping the same pattern of pointing around the circle. Then exaggerate the sounds and the body movement. It’s a really fun way to get out the wiggles!

We played “Crazy Eights” at the end, where you count down from 8, shaking each hand and foot. The benefits of this game are great: number practice, moving each part of your body in concert with a vocal exercise and memory exercise, and just having fun at the library. Check out this video of session attendees doing all that and having a ball. Don’t be afraid to dance, be silly, and let go in storytime! “Go forward in spite of your fear.”

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  1. Amy Steinbauer

    OMG! Love it! Thanks for coming!

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