ALA Annual 2016

#alaac16: Authors Performing Readers’ Theater

What do you get when you put David Shannon, Mary GrandPre, Alan Gratz, Raina Telgemeier, Christine Kendall, and Jordan Sonnenblick all on stage together? Some pretty intensely funny, and dramatic, book readings. Each author spoke for a few moments about their upcoming titles, and then read a passage for the audience, with the assistance of two of their fellow authors.  Alan, Jordan, and Christine performed together as a trio, while Raina, Mary, and David rounded out the event. My favorite quote of the event was when Raina got up to talk briefly about her upcoming graphic novel, Ghosts. “I’m probably going to cry at some point, so let’s just be comfortable with that ” she joked to the large crowd. No tears were shed – but I was intrigued enough to stay up late last night to read my copy of Ghosts, and instantly fell in love with yet another Raina title. Want to borrow Ghosts, or one of the other titles shown in the photo below? I will mail my copy of each title out to the first person who was NOT able to attend #alaac16 that asks for one by emailing me at when I return home from annual. Happy Reading!

Scholastic’s Literary Event featured two sets of authors performing each other’s works, reader theater style!


Readers' Theater
Jordan Sonnenblick, Christine Kendall, and Alan Gratz – Readers Theater style at #alaac16



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