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Pack in the fun with Nature Backpacks

The heady months of summer are winding down, yet you still may be experiencing an influx of young people in the library. While this is a fun time to see so many new faces in the library, the nice weather creates an opportunity to partner with your local forest service or park service departments to encourage families to explore the outdoors into the upcoming autumn. 

ALA Annual 2016

Tween Spaces – Wants or Needs?

A library’s space, and how it relates to children of all ages, is the theme of this year’s ALSC Charlemae Rollins President’s Program: Libraries: The Space to Be . If you are attending ALA Annual in Orlando, join President Andrew Medlar to learn more about space design during a panel discussion that will focus on best practices for small, medium and large libraries, and how libraries are creating spaces that are vital to children and the communities that support them. Speaking of space design – does your library have a space created specifically for the tween user? Yes, tweens. Previously best known as “school age patrons”, the 9-12 year old set has graduated into their own sub-community of library users, with many libraries paying attention to this demographic by creating specialized spaces within their children’s departments that cater directly to the pre-teenage.  Today, libraries are defined as much by their spaces as they…

Blogger Building Partnerships committee

Quick Tips for Creating Partnership Success

Entering into a new partnership is something not to be taken lightly.  In order to make sure you are armed to start out on the right foot, here are some helpful tips to make sure you bring your “A” game. Do Your Homework-be prepared, know what you bring to the table, be able to answer tough questions, be able to ask tough questions What are the objectives? Goals? Why will this partnership help achieve the goal? How will this partnership add value to your community? How will this project be funded?  If it is grant based, do you have a plan for continuing the program beyond the grant money? What is your budget? What are your financial expectations from your partner? Know your barriers. What is the time commitment? Include all parties-don’t leave anyone out of the mix. End outcome-be able to relay the message of what is the desired…

ALA Midwinter 2016

Harry Potter Alliance and Youth Advocacy

While browsing the exhibits at ALA Midwinter, I came upon the Harry Potter Alliance and its work on organizing youth to participate in National Library Legislative Day – mainly by creating local chapters in schools, libraries, youth centers, etc.. to enlist passionate readers in youth advocacy.  Of course, I also had to buy this wicked awesome (note my attempt at Boston lingo!) t-shirt: These local chapters “serve as an access point for young people who are passionate about stories to become civically engaged and lead projects that improve their communities.” (  The HPA envisions librarians being “most heavily involved in creating their chapters, planning the first few meetings, and identifying potential leaders among the young people in attendance.” Are you as intrigued as I am? You can send questions via a virtual owl (HPA brilliant lingo!) to their Chapters Staff at to learn more.