ALA Annual 2015

#alasf2015 A funny thing happened at the store

There is so much going on at #alasf2015, that a couple of times I’ve had to take a break from all the noise and confusion of the conference. There just is so much happening all at once that at times it is a bit too stimulating.

The first time I took a break I sat in the lovely Yerba Buena Gardens and watched the world go by. The breeze felt great.

The second time was when I got something to eat at Whole Foods. I was checking out and made a comment about visiting from Maine and guess what? My cashier was also from Maine! Not only was she from Maine, but she grew up in the town right next to mine! When I told her where I worked she said her family uses that library all the time. How cool is that?

We chatted a bit about books and reading versus watching movies, gaming and electronic devices. It was really nice and made my experience here at #alasf2015 all the more enjoyable.

It really is a small world.

And, then I met political cartoonist and author, Derf Backderf (My Friend Dahmer) As he drew his autograph in my ARC of his newest book Trapped, we chatted about how drawing can help some people make sense of the world.


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