ALA Annual 2014

What’s on your library’s secret menu? #alaac14

One fun aspect of attending conferences is getting to experience what the host cities have to offer. I made a trip with some colleagues to In-N-Out burger for lunch–it’s a restaurant that none of our home states has. It also pretty famously has a secret menu.

Which got me thinking: what’s on your library’s regular menu of services, and what’s on your library’s secret menu? Or, more specifically, what service do you offer that your customers don’t know about? I know that the availability of readers’ advisory comes as a surprise to many customers, even though it seems par for the course for anyone trained in reference services. And I’m sure there are lots of other “regular” services we offer that would come as a surprise to even our most frequent customers.

How do we ensure that the public are aware of everything we offer?

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  1. Abby Johnson

    That is a great way of thinking about this, Amy. Right away, I can think of several items we have on our “secret menu” – reader’s advisory is definitely one of them and our school collection cards for teachers are another. We started heavily promoting reader’s advisory at our school visits this spring and we’re going for another round of faculty meetings to promote teacher services once school starts back up. Hopefully we’re on the right track!

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