ALA Annual 2014

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund- Learning About Comics and Intellectual Freedom at #alaac14

I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful program this afternoon, The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund- Intellectual Freedom and the Defense of Graphic Novels and Comic Books. The entertaining and educational presentation led by the executive director of the CBLDF, Charles Brownstein, covered nearly 30 years of comic book censorship history.

As a self proclaimed comic book nerd and leader of a graphic novel book club for tweens at my public library, I was genuinely shocked to learn about the dramatic and controversial history of comic books. Did you know that there were public burnings of comic books in this country in the 1940s?! Many people believed that comic books rotted children’s brains and caused teenagers to become criminals. This is history people, I couldn’t make this sort of crazy up!

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is a nonprofit organization that works hard to protects comic book artists, writers and readers from censorship while getting the word out that we all have freedom to read what we choose.

I snagged a rad “I read banned comics” tshirt at the CBLDF table in the exhibit hall along with a collection development book focused on manga. Be sure to stop by their table in the exhibit hall if you are at ALA or check out the great work they do and support them by purchasing your own goodies at

Nicole Martin, Children’s Librarian, Grafton-Midview Public Library, Grafton,Ohio

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