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A modern Mass card

Thursday was a long and interesting travel day. It started in the Fort Lauderdale Airport. As I was sitting at the gate putting on my good luck Virgin Mary earrings, I looked up and saw a thin nun wearing a blue suit and veil walk past me. When she returned to the gate I said hi and told her about the coincidence. She introduced me to her biological sister who was also a nun. They told me about their order, the Daughters of St. Paul, which runs a publishing house. I asked if they were going to ALA, and they said they didn’t know about the conference–that they were parting ways at the gate, heading to different bases after their biological family reunion.

A modern Mass card
A modern Mass card

Since my mother works at a Catholic school (and because I was curious) I asked for more information about their products. Pauline Books and Media has a children’s division with an array of Bible stories, religious fiction, and books of saints for children. The sisters were especially excited about the new biography of Pope John Paul II.

Later, the sisters showed me their apps and ebook products. I was most impressed by their rosary app because I always forget the words and end up just saying the classic “Hail Mary” at each bead and that gets pretty boring. The slogan for the app is “Never say the Rosary alone again.” The app is geared for adults, but I think it could be useful for children who are studying for their Confirmation. The books of Saints are also useful for children who are choosing their Confirmation names.

I hope the sisters will become future ALA exhibitors. Even public libraries should have at least a small collection of books to meet the demand of Confirmation students. The majority of Catholics go to public schools and may not have access to these materials.

Garza, Fabiola. The Story of Saint John Paul Ii: A Boy Who Became Pope. 2013. Print. ISBN: 9780819890139

Rebecca Hickman, Youth Services Librarian, Alvin Sherman Library, Nova Southeastern University.

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