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A Meta Moment

Hmmm…an ALSC post referring to an ALSC post.  How meta, you say.

I left the public library arena in 2001 when I moved to my current position as a school librarian.  There was indeed some culture shock, but being part of an amazing team helped me settle in nicely.  It’s a super supportive environment when it comes to trying new things with the curriculum and generally speaking I know that most things I want to try will happen.

That said, there are a few things about public library service that I still miss all these years later.  Outreach is one of those things.

I was incredibly inspired when I read the post Serving At-Risk Daycares, by LSSPCC.  The moment I read the post, the wheels started turning in my own brain and I started wondering how to work this kind of outreach into my own job description.  As a school librarian, my patrons really are my students and their families.  However, our school does have social justice as one of its founding tenets, so logically this is a project that should be part of my job description.  I know that public librarians in my city are being stretched to their limits, so perhaps this is an area where we can reach out and help them.

This is currently just a seed idea, and I am looking forward to sharing with you how this unfolds.

Again, thanks to the ALSC blog, and the members of ALSC for sharing out fantastic ideas and programs.

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