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Imagine, Discover, Explore… with a Light Table

The light table is the “watering hole” of the Children’s room at Lexington Park Library.  Kids flock to it as soon as they enter the room. They gather with friends and strangers

Light Tablealike and begin to imagine, build and pretend together.

Around the lighted table children can build a fort or a box or a slide or anything they dream up.  The light shines through the blocks and parents and children can have conversations about primary and secondary colors.

You can put anything on the light table! We currently rotate transparent colored Lego blocks or blocks with see through centers to build with. This rotation adds some variety and helps to keep the blocks in better condition.  There are amazing buildings, vehicles, and other unique creations that are assembled each day.

To add science concepts you can add transparent and opaque everyday objects you find to stimulate the conversation about the similarities and differences between the two objects. Leaves and flowers that are pressed between wax paper can help little ones to observe the veins and details of the pedals and leaves. You can make these two yourself.

School supply stores often sell preserved bugs in acrylic that is neat for use on the light table.

Old human and animal x-rays as well as film make for a good addition to your light table as well. School supply stores also sell fake x-rays for use with light tables.

Light tables can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes from the small table top units to full sit down or stand up tables.

You can make a light table center a small investment or spend a pretty penny all depending on your needs.


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