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Magnetic Paint!

100_1117Turn any surface into a fun place to play with Magnets! There are several brands of Magnetic Paint on the market today. Pick the one you like and a space in your library and let the fun begin. At our Library we have several columns around the Children’s room. I was looking for a way to turn these columns into a useable space for learning when I found Magnetic Paint.  After 4 cans of paint, three coats on each column, I now had an inexpensive Active Learning Center. At first I purchased alphabet refrigerator magnets but found that the magnets used where too small and not strong enough to work with the paint for long. Then I found Melissa and Doug alphabet, number and animal magnets:, the whole back of these are magnetic and they work perfectly! Children spell their name, match the first letter of an animal’s name with the animal magnet and write messages on the columns. You can also find foam jumbo letters and numbers at

There is so much learning packed into this small space: Alphabet Knowledge, Spelling, Word and Letter Recognition.

What other magnets could you use with a space painted with Magnetic Paint?

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