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ALSC Blog – 2012 in Review

The ALSC Blog was tremendously active in 2012. Our committed group of regular ALSC bloggers, along with 78 guest bloggers who posted on a wide variety of topics, contributed to fulfill our mission of providing a “venue for coverage of time sensitive news in children’s librarianship, current issues in the field, and programs, conferences, initiatives, resources, and activities of interest to ALSC members and those interested in children’s librarianship.”

With over 500 posts in 2012, there was a dramatic overall increase in activity on the ALSC blog compared to the previous year. Analytics clearly shows these increases:

  • 108,757 Unique Visitors (compared to 57,238 in 2011 — an increase of  90%)
  • 152,597 Visits (compared to 79,082 in 2011 — an increase of 93%)
  • 234,670 Page Views (compared to 132,119 in 2011 — an increase of 78%)

To give you an idea of the variety of posts last year, take a look at the top ten posts of 2012:

10.  Notable Children’s Books — 2012 Discussion List by Mary Voors  (1,677 pageviews)

9.  Sensory Storytime: A (Brief) How-To Guide by Ashley Waring  (1,917 pageviews)

8.  National Poetry Month Is Better With Book Spine Poetry by Travis Jonker  (1,945 pageviews)

7.  Unusual Storytime Themes by Katie Salo  (2,002 pageviews)

6.  Done with Dewey by Tali Balas Kaplan  (2,444 pageviews)

5.  Beyond Legos: Coding for Kids by Gretchen Caserotti of the ALSC Children and Technology Committee  (2,515 pageviews)

4.  The Pinkest Party of All by Abby Johnson  (2,841 pageviews)

3.  Librarians for Chris Colfer by Renee Grassi  (3,821 pageviews)

2.  Tween Award Booklist by Mary Fellows  (4,024 pageviews)

1.  A Librarian’s Open Letter to Kourtney Kardashian by Susan Baier  (5,787 pageviews)

And we’re gearing up for an even bigger and better year to come!  Here’s to 2013!


  1. Sharon McClintock

    I get so much out of reading the ALSC blog. Thanks to all the contributors who share their knowledge and enthusiasm. You’re not only instructive, you’re inspiring!

    And thanks to Mary Voors for her kind and skillful management of the blog. As a guest contributor and micro-blogger at the 2012 Institute, I can tell you that Mary made it a pleasure to participate!

    1. Mary Voors

      Sharon –

      Thank you so much for your kind comments! I agree, the contributors – both our regular monthly bloggers and guest contributors like yourself – make the blog truly enjoyable to read.

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