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Banned Books Week Wrap-Up

The ALSC Intellectual Freedom Committee put out a call for creative, innovative and successful Banned Books Week programs and displays and we were overwhelmed with a number of fantastic ideas to share with you.

The brilliant Erica Ann Anderson-Senter at Allen County Public Library (IN) made “WANTED” posters with each staff member holding a banned book. These were put up throughout the department and created quite a sensation among the young  customers. What a great way to get people talking about intellectual freedom!



Customers at Ypsilanti District Library (MI) got fired up about this display. Check out the burning book in the middle of the table – nice touch!





Staff at Brownsburg Public Library (IN) put their banned books behind bars. They also offered daily prizes (BBW buttons & free books from the library bookstore) to customers who visited throughout the week. Shelving units were in (paper) flames for the week as well.



Amy Koester at Corporate Parkway Branch of the St. Charles City-County Library District decided to embrace pop culture with this shout-out to the ever-so-popular song.





Debra Refior at Orion Township Public Library (MI) made this interesting and interactive display. Each velcro door opens to reveal the cover of a banned book. What a surprise! I bet Debra heard a lot of “Why was THAT banned?”


Close up of the BBW doors at Orion Township Public Library (MI).





Brighton District Library grabbed a lot of attention with this colorful *caution*caution*caution* BBW display.






Staff at King County Library System (WA) wrapped a shelf in *caution*caution*caution* tape and added a back drop of FORBIDDEN posters.



At Loma Colorado Main Library (NM) staff used *danger*danger*danger* tape to wrap up banned books. They also celebrated with Banned Books Bingo Night, which had great attendance and 28(!) fantastic prizes donated by local businesses and their FOL.

This photo shows Patricia Donahue at Northeast Lakeview College (TX) viewing this really awesome BBW Infographic which was created by students at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo (CA).



Lilly stopped by Rochester Public Library (MN) to show her support of And Tango Makes Three and the freedom to read. Go, Lilly!


Shew! What a wealth of wonderful ideas. Thanks to all who contributed!


  1. Gregg

    A funny thing happened at our library. A woman saw the

    poster and got very upset. She wanted to know why the library had a poster up promoting Joe Biden. : )

  2. lola

    why is captain underpants banned? 🙁

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