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Inspiration is found in isolation for some, but not for me.  I am actively seeking it!  Each summer I try to rework my curriculum, learn a new skill/technology, and read plenty of books to inform my readers advisory skills.  This summer, however, I am thinking big.

Big thinking ususally means big change.  I have learned over time that no matter how inspired I may be to make changes, it will take lots of time and effort to bring others along.  As a school librarian, my days are often dictated by the schedules of other people, teachers and administrators and what this means is that I need to be creative in implementing change.

Some of the big ideas I am thinking about have been inspired by other school librarians and movements that are afoot in the spheres of education.  From the reconfiguration of the library furniture (based on the reflections of our students) to the bigger idea of makerspaces, I am reconsidering the way that I do things.  The following are some of the links, sites and blog posts that have gotten my creative juices flowing, and I hope that they may inspire some of you as well!

Buffy Hamilton’s article plus links on makerspaces on her blog The Unquiet Librarian.

School Library Journal article, by Margaret Sullivan on Divine Design (April 1, 2011)

This blog post from Tania Sheko on the future of school libraries. (Brave New World blog)

Claire Moore’s ALSC Blog post on Kids Advisory Boards in the library.

I am wondering where you are finding inspiration these days!


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