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Great Thing About PLA #2

Great thing about PLA #2: Reading Terminal Market. Right across from the convention center, this space beneath an old railway station has been in use for over 100 years and is now an indoor market with dozens of food stalls and take-out or eat-at-the-counter food stands.

It’s a hustle-and-bustle place filled with tourists and convention-goers, old men and young mothers. It variously smells of fish, Thai food, chocolate chip cookies, or cheesesteaks depending on which of the many aisles you’re wandering.

Cheese counters, fish markets, a handful of bakeries (my favorite is Metropolitan), fruit stands, delis, Amish markets, jewelry shops, and much more make it hard to know where to look. (I invite my fellow bloggers to add photos!)

At conferences it’s often hard to find a close place for any food, let alone good food. The Reading Terminal Market makes conferences in Philadelphia much easier and more fun!

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  1. Pat Tea

    I love how the poultry counter is right across from the vegetarian snack bar.

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