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Great Time to Join ALSC

As we begin fall, the real work of ALSC begins. Committees start buckling down and working on their charges. Online courses begin the serious readings and discussions. Webinars start popping up for learners on-the-go. And members turn their attention to two very important events on the horizon: 1) the Midwinter Meeting in Dallas, TX, and 2) ALSC National Institute in Indianapolis, IN. It’s an exhilarating time to be a member, so why not join us?

Joining ALSC is a commitment to children, reading, and libraries. Here at ALSC, we are dedicated to raising a nation of readers and that starts by being advocates for libraries, children’s librarians, and the books and programs that help kids learn to read. Being a member is more than just being an advocate, it means professional and personal development in new areas of expertise. Here are some of the benefits of membership with ALSC:

Access to resources that strengthen libraries

Professional development opportunities that transform careers

  • Quarterly online courses that develop new skills and areas of expertise for librarians and children’s literature enthusiasts
  • Webinars that present new interesting ideas in a convenient and affordable manner
  • Pre-conferences, conferences, and ALSC’s National Institute are all great places to advance your knowledge base and build leadership skills

Networking with individuals all across the country to create ideas and solve problems

  • Access to ALSC’s social media platforms, electronic discussion list to learn about new programs and services
  • Discussion sessions on ALSC’s online forum where connections are made and key issues are reviewed

To join ALSC and take advantage of our friendly rates, please check out the ALSC Membership page.

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