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It’s National Adopt a Pet Month!

In honor of National Adopt a Pet Month, here are my favorite stories involving pet adoption:

“Let’s Get a Pup!” Said Kate

Ever since the death of her cat, Kate has longed for another pet. Deciding that a dog from the animal shelter was the way to go, Kate and family visit an animal shelter, where they are charmed by a rambunctious puppy.  An older dog also captures their heart, which they reluctantly leave behind. After a restless night, they decide that two dogs are really better than one. Not only is this a charming story of adoption (especially of older dog adoption), this is a portrayal of a mom and dad with unorthodox looks (tattoos and piercings).

Pick a Pup

Sam and Grandma take a stroll to the animal shelter, during which they observe dogs and  discuss potential dogs to be adopted.  A sit-in-your-lap dog? Always-wakes-you-up pup? When they arrive at the shelter, they learn that sometimes, the pet chooses you (instead of the other way around). This is a rollicking read aloud, as well as a warm example of a grandson-grandmother relationship.

Won Ton: A Cat Tale Told in Haiku

This striking series of senryu (similar to haiku, except the focus is on individual foibles instead of nature) narrates a shelter cat’s journey from homelessness to an acceptance of a new home. The emotions of the wary cat are heartfelt, captivating, and amusing; this is one of my favorites 2011 picture books.

Can you recommend more picture books involving pet adoption? Leave a comment!

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