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The End of the (School) Year

We just said good-bye to our students yesterday.  There are always mixed feelings in June.  On one hand we are overwhelmed trying to get all borrowed materials back from students and teachers so that our inventory is accurate; on the other hand sweet, sweet summer is so close and we get to celebrate our students’ successes.

For the first time this year, inspired by Travis over at 100 Scope Notes, I ran some quick statistics just to see how our collection is being used.  I had always meant to do this before, but as you can imagine, June is packed tight with things that *have* to get done and examining stats always got moved to the back burner.

But this year, I ran a quick and dirty search and quickly realized that our small collection of graphic novels was getting the most use.  I ran a top ten circulations for the school year and every single one was a graphic novel! I decided to expand to the top fifty, since there are some books that I remember checking in and shelving over and over that weren’t of the graphic novel format. Results? Well, 4 were traditional books, with the remainder being graphic novels.

What does this tell us? We already felt free to grow the collection, but now we know we should grow the collection. It also has me thinking of different ways to incorporate graphic novels into my curriculum. It has also inspired me to take some time out this summer and analyze our collection through statistical means in a deeper fashion.

How do you use your statistics to help your collection?

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