ALA Annual 2011

Best Show Ever!

Last day of #ala11.  This has been a most eventful ALA for me.  I was asked by the NYPL to be on an armchair travel panel at NYLA in November.  My old friend Ellen Myrick has asked me to become an Audie judge….how exciting!  And I am going to become a member of ALSC and blog, which is also very exciting.  Years ago I owned a Children’s bookstore called The Golden Key after the George MacDonald story.  I will love being part of this group.

I had so much great feedback this year.  Two librarians offered to help me with the Falcon/hiking program.  Many stopped to talk about the travel titles and asked for catalogs. The food books were very popular.  Thank you to all!

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  1. Mary Voors

    Thanks for sharing so much from a publisher’s perspective during the conference. It’s been great reading.

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