Live Blogging

End of Show #PLA12

The show is over and my feet hurt!  But every librarian I spoke with raved about this year’s show. I appreciated the few lulls and the opportunity to discuss what kind of programs are working, what patrons are looking for in the way of non-fiction, and I also like knowing the challenges, particularly with digital books.  I depend on the librarians’ point-of-view for insight into the book marketplace.  I bring back all information I get to meetings in the office.  I did have one librarain tell me she felt grateful when I wrote her feedback down.  Personally, I would love a library/publisher forum opportunity at these shows.  Or if that is too intrusive, an online forum after the show to discuss what “worked” for attendees.


Travel Programs for Children

Here are some ideas I had for programs which were well liked at NYLA for their regional focus: How to Geocaching – Demonstrate how to use a GPS and then have fun as Geocaching combines aspects of treasure-hunting, high-tech navigation, and exploration.  For children, hide boxes around the community and put library cards inside.  Use the library website to provide coordinates. Hike your town.  Children love scats, tracks, gorp recipes, animal and plant identification.  I put together some hikes using books on all these topics into a package which included a map of the hike, written directions, a gorp recipe, some animal photos, illustrations of common scats and tracks, and a clothing and sunscreen advisory.  Several libraries have used the hikes I customized for them with success.

Live Blogging

View from the Other Side #PLA12

In the elevator this morning a librarian said to me “Hasn’t this been a wonderful show?” Yes, I agreed.  Yes.  I am so happy to see librarians involved, focused, happy.  The tenor of this show is upbeat and busy!  I have had requests to buy our digital books directly, requests for travel information, and gotten some great feedback on our travel and cooking titles.  The feedback is so important to me.  It helps me to do the best job possible.

ALA Annual 2011

Best Show Ever!

Last day of #ala11.  This has been a most eventful ALA for me.  I was asked by the NYPL to be on an armchair travel panel at NYLA in November.  My old friend Ellen Myrick has asked me to become an Audie judge….how exciting!  And I am going to become a member of ALSC and blog, which is also very exciting.  Years ago I owned a Children’s bookstore called The Golden Key after the George MacDonald story.  I will love being part of this group. I had so much great feedback this year.  Two librarians offered to help me with the Falcon/hiking program.  Many stopped to talk about the travel titles and asked for catalogs. The food books were very popular.  Thank you to all!

ALA Annual 2011

Sunday Synchronicity

Yesterday at #ala11, I met with the NYPL and we discussed depth of collections.  The same sentiment, that libraries need a range of books to offer, was echoed the previous night at the ALSC coctail party.  For a publisher like Globe Pequot with our long tail, this is important knowledge when we sell to library wholesale accounts. Cat Urbigkit, author,  just stopped by.  She will post to this blog with pictures in a couple of days.  We had an “it’s a small world” moment when she told me that Globe Pequot is publishing her friend’s book on eagles. Amazing!

ALA Annual 2011

Librarians at the Gate

The evening was off to a sprinting start.   I was very surprised to give out so many samples of a book we publish on New York this evening and to so many librarians not from New York.  I was skeptical about bringing so much of this sample.  Happy to be wrong.   Our “Lexicon of American Food” was popular.  Any culinary librarians out there?   The most exciting contact for me was a reference libraian from Connecticut who said she was very interested in me developing an outdoor/hiking program for patrons using our Falcon Guides.  This is my dream goal this year is to some contribute a hiking program to many libraries. Great start to #ala11.

ALA Annual 2011

Pre-exhibit Thoughts

Putting a book into a librarian’s hands at #ala11 gives me joy.  It takes me back to the time I worked in stores and put books into people’s hands all day long.  ALA is one of the few opportunities for me to see the reaction to the book.  And what I love about librarians is that their feedback is so honest.  It helps me throughout the year how I present to my library wholesalers.