Challenging but Rewarding

“The Newbery Medal: Past, Present and Future” taught by K.T. Horning is a class I would highly recommend for those of your furthering your interest in the Newbery Award or to become a Newbery committee member.  The class only lasts six weeks and is demanding, but highly rewarding.  Each week there are required readings including personal selections of previous Newbery winners, supplementary readings and online book discussion forums with leading questions posed by K.T.  These discussions were often lively and offered various thoughts and viewpoints from our classmates. We also considered the clearly defined criteria the committee is charged with when looking for distinguished qualities in children’s literature.

What I found interesting was the makeup of our class, we weren’t just all librarians; we had authors, teachers, people who loved to read, others just interested in the Newbery and its history and others interested in furthering their professional development through online classes.

This was indeed a challenging class due to the amount of time it required each week.  However, at the end you thought, maybe this should go on just a little bit longer so someone will keep me reading all those Newbery titles I never got a chance to read before!

Stephanie Wilson
School Library System Director
Elmira, NY

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